Bulkhead Charcoal cabin heaters

New Low Cost Single Walled Version Coming Soon !!

Charcoal Heater 15 and 20 Bulkhead mounted


15" x 6" and 20" x 6" Charcoal heater

The Cole heater is made from top quality materials, Brass and Stainless Steel, including all of the rivets and fittings so will not rust only 'colour up'

from the heat of usage

and needs no servicing just a wipe down if dirty when cold.

Includes brackets and all other ancillaries FREE

They are all hand finished and so may vary slightly in appearance.

Available as 15 x 6 inch or 20 x 6 inch

AND NOW ALSO THE LARGER 24 x 6 inch, 15 x 8 and 26 x 8 inch

You will receive:

1) The heater.

2) 1.2m of flue.

3) Through deck fitting.

4) 24 inch high external flue.

5) Plug to fit in to the through deck fitting when the outer flue is removed.

6) A free Carbon Monoxide Alarm, with a seven year warranty and free batteries.

value 30 GBP !!

7) comes with A micro blow torch.


Please allow 7 to 10 days for delivery as I only hold a small number in stock and will make yours to order if I have none on the shelf. I will always let you know immediately of any possible delay.

If you have any questions or require a custom specification please feel free to ask and I will be happy to try and help. info@charcoalheater.com