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Bulkhead Charcoal cabin heaters

15,20 and 24 x 6 inch Bulkhead mounted Charcoal Heater now also available in 8 inch diameter.




The Cole heater is made from top quality materials, Brass and Stainless Steel, including all of the rivets and fittings so will not rust only 'colour up'

from the heat of usage

and needs no servicing just a wipe down if dirty when cold.

They are all hand finished and so may vary slightly in appearance.

Available as 15 x 6 inch or 20 x 6 inch please see pictures.


a) What should I burn in a Cole Heater?

The heater is designed for lump wood charcoal and this produces little ash.

Alternative briquettes are far too fast burning and smoke too much for domestic use.

You should not try different fuels for example, wood gives off fumes that are combustible and could turn your flue into a blow torch!! not advisable, it also gives off smoke and debris which is going to settle back on your Boats deck/camper roof etc...

Lighting the Cole Heater is simple and you should use no more than a piece of crumpled newspaper or cardboard although it will often ignite using just the lighter provided

with patience. Once lit you can close the air vent so only the smallest amount of air is entering, and it will still give off plenty of heat.

Please remember the Cole heater is just that and not a stove..it is not designed to have a kettle or any other cookware placed on it.

b) Can the ash pan be removed while the heater is alight?

This is not advisable, hot ash and lit charcoal can fall out from the grate and damage your furnishing and flooring. If you have to empty the ash can, use a steel pan or bucket and use a fire blanket under the heater to be safe.


c) Can I fill the the burner while it is alight?

Not always advisable but if You must PLEASE WEAR GLOVES, remove the lid and check inside. If the fuel has burnt down to about quarter full, top it up to the top of the liner, replace the lid. Consider emptying the ash pan to avoid blockage. The heater will now burn for another 10 plus hours.

d) How do I extinguish the heater?

The heater is supplied with an outer flue with a cowl that should always be used when the heater is in use. It is also supplied with a plug to be used when the heater is not in use. With the heater air cap fully shut down and the plug in on the outside it will go out in minutes.

e) How much charcoal does the heater hold?

Depending on the size of the lump wood charcoal used roughly about 1 kilo,

and will give 10 hours approx. of dry, pleasant heat.

f) is it environmentally friendly?

Being environmentally neutral charcoal will only give off the CO2 that the tree took up during growth. With all the natural oils burnt off during the manufacture of charcoal, it gives off virtually no pollution when used as a fuel.


g) How much heat can I expect it to generate?

The cole heater is very efficient and gets very hot and gives of both radiant heat and convected heat by way of the hot air passing through the vents over the hot inner wall.

This unlike gas heaters is a dry heat not producing any condensation.

h) How and where to install heater.

As with all burners and stoves care should be taken that where you mount it is insulated from the radiant heat that will be given off by both the heater and the flue.

Care should also be taken about ventilation as with gas cookers carbon monoxide can be given off without adequate air flow for the combustion.

g) What does it come with?

You will receive:

1) The heater.

2) 1.5m of flue.

3) Through deck fitting.

4) 12 inch high external flue.

5) Plug to fit in to the through deck fitting when the outer flue is removed.

6) A free Carbon Monoxide Alarm, with a seven year battery lifespan

7) A long reach metal lighter.

8) Brackets to mount your heater

--- Free Co Alarm, Through deck Fitting and Lighter ---


Please allow 1 week for delivery as I only hold a small number in stock and will make yours to order if none on the shelf. I will always let you know immediately of any possible delay.

If you have any questions or require a custom specification please feel free to ask and I will be happy to try and help.